Smithers Avanza Bioanalytical Services, a division of Smithers Avanza,  supports the development of biologics (therapeutic antibodies, biosimilars) and vaccines. The staff has many years of experience in method development and method validation of PK/TK assays, anti-drug antibody assays (ADA), bioassays and biomarker assays.

Smithers Avanza has extensive experience with assays for both pre-clinical applications and all phases of clinical development,  phase I through phase IV. The laboratory is both GLP and CLIA.

Our assay services include the following:

  • Method Development
  • Method Transfer
  • Method Optimization
  • Method Validation
  • Sample Analysis

Assay Applications:



  • CLIA-certified
  • GLP-compliant
  • MD Dept Health and Mental Hygiene license

 Data Collection

  • Watson LIMS™
  • Rees Environmental Monitoring System