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Evaluation of a Multiplexed Anti Drug Antibody (ADA) Assay for Immunogenicity Testing in Support of Combination Biologic Therapies

Evaluation of a multiplexed Anti Drug Antibody (ADA) assay for immunogenicity testing in support of combination biologic therapies P. R. Conliffe 1, M. Ourmanova 1, I. DuBey 1, A. Chow 2, L. Luo 3, P. Oberoi 2, R. Pillutla 3 1 Smithers Avanza, 2 Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC, 3 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

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Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Testing

Examination of the Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study Guideline
Authors:Shakil A Saghir, Ph.D. and Michael A Dorato, Ph.D.

This whitepaper discusses ways to make the EOGRTS guideline easier to follow; suggesting procedures to select relevant doses, and monitor the systemic exposure at different life stages for better interpretation of the data.