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White paper: Smithers Fully Validates Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study Capabilities

Smithers Avanza Invests in Logistical Validation of the EOGRTS (OECD TG 443): Find Out Why

The Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study (EOGRTS; OECD TG 443) is a recent approach developed to assess the reproductive toxicity of a broad range of chemical substances.The EOGRTS design offers a number of advantages in comparison to the previously required two-generation reproductive toxicity study. The complex and modular design makes this guideline study unlike any other.

In 2016, Smithers Avanza invested in capital equipment and training enabling a pilot EOGRTS to evaluate our logistical strategy and ensure our expert resources were capable and confident. As a mid-sized CRO, Smithers Avanza believes that structured-on-the-job training for new study designs differentiates us and demonstrates our validated capabilities to our clients.

Featured Publication
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Testing

Examination of the Extended One-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study Guideline
Authors:Shakil A Saghir, Ph.D. and Michael A Dorato, Ph.D.

This whitepaper discusses ways to make the EOGRTS guideline easier to follow; suggesting procedures to select relevant doses, and monitor the systemic exposure at different life stages for better interpretation of the data.