Endocrine Disruptor Screening Programs

Smithers Avanza Toxicology Services offer validated Tier 1 EDSP testing in accordance with EPA test guidelines for:

  • Hershberger Assay (Rat)
  • Female Pubertal Assay (Rat) 
  • Male Pubertal Assay (Rat)
  • Uterotrophic Assay (Rat)

Other Tier 1 in vivo (amphibian metamorphosis and fish short-term reproductive) and in vitro (androgen receptor binding, aromatase, estrogen receptor binding, estrogen transcriptional activation, and steroidogenesis) EDSP testing for the agricultural, chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical products is conducted by our sister organization, Smithers Viscient. Smithers Avanza Toxicological Services is actively involved in Tier 2 test validations.